About Thomson

Moving Electronics Forward: THOMSON, since 1892

For over 120 years, the THOMSON brand has been associated with landmark contributions to the world of entertainment and consumer electronics. STRONG, specialist of TV-centric products, is licensee of the THOMSON brand for digital set-top boxes distributed through retail in Europe and Middle East.

THOMSON is a leading world-wide supplier, well-known for innovative, high quality products being manufactured with the newest technology. By leveraging the power of the THOMSON brand and STRONG’s profound experience and know-how, customers will receive reliable, high-end receivers for all market needs.

Fashionable products with attitude, a variety of comfortable standard features, a stylish ergonomic remote control and an infrared extender for the freedom of placement characterize the range of products for different reception systems, markets and embedded systems. As technology continues to rapidly advance, the THOMSON brand remains at the forefront of providing superior products and services for consumers.

THOMSON is a trademark of TECHNICOLOR S.A. used under license to STRONG Europe for digital set-top boxes distributed through retail in Europe and Middle East.


The Thomson–Houston Electric Company was founded by Elihu Thomson on December 31, 1892 in New York. A French subsidiary was incorporated in Paris a few months later, on February 27, 1893 as Compagnie Française pour l’Exploitation des Procédés Thomson-Houston (CFTH), later known as Thomson around the world.


Elihu Thomson (1853 – 1937)

Elihu Thomson is considered one of the founders of the U.S. electrical industry. He was a very prominent, highly-regarded electrical engineer, inventor and pioneer, whose discoveries in the field of alternating current phenomena led to the development of successful alternating-current motors. Elihu Thomson had his own unique vision of the future for “electric arts”. In the course of a career that spanned five decades, he was granted 696 US patents on inventions as varied as arc lights, generators, electric welding machines, and x-ray tubes. Elihu Thomson saw science as a way of improving the lot of his fellow citizens. Early on, he realized taking innovation to the marketplace relied on end-to-end mastery of the entire industrial system.

With engineering know-how and patents for both industrial and consumer use, Thomson has continued to make landmark contributions to electronic technologies ever since:

  • The first-ever live transmission of a radio program in 1922
  • The first patents for radar technologies in 1934
  • The unique Eurovision broadcast of the coronation for Queen Elizabeth in 1953.
  • A team led by Henri de France working at Compagnie Française de Télévision (later bought by Thomson) invented SECAM in the late fifties.
  • SECAM is, historically, the first European color television standard, and was first broadcasted during the Grenoble Winter Olympics in 1968.
  • Thomson lead also a pioneering role in the development of the first European HDTV standard first with D2-MAC and then HD-MAC in 1986.
  • Thomson contributed significantly to the first experimental HD-MAC broadcasting during the 1992 Summer Olympics.
  • DIRECTV turned to Thomson in 1994 to develop the first digital satellite system for the service that would be capable of receiving 175 channels on a small 18-inch dish.
  • Thomson is also the first TV maker to have brought Internet-enabled, multimedia TV to market - and to your home.

When it comes to innovation and technology, the world thinks of Thomson. A name you can count on.